4 Signs Of Emotional Attraction From A Man

These Are The 4 Signs Of Emotional Attraction From A Man You Must Know About

As women, we don’t always know that men are thinking – sometimes we even wonder about what we’re thinking as well. If we’re honest with ourselves, “Does he even like me?” is probably near the top of the list when you first meet someone and feel the initial physical or emotional attraction. Understanding whether he really like you or not can be crucial in starting a relationship. Here I’ll be going through some signs of emotional attraction from a man that will help you when starting, or trying to start, a new relationship.

At the end of the day, you really need to learn and understand the signs of emotional attraction. I’m sure you probably even talk about it with your girlfriends from time to time. What you need is information that will help you nail down those signs.

Whatever you do, don’t become trapped in the looping thought process of “Does he like me?” This is not helpful, and can ultimately be destructive in starting a new relationship.

1. He’s Happy Just Hanging Out With You

Okay, lets get one of the most obvious signs out of the way first. The simple fact that he wants to spend time with you should be your first aha moment. Girls, let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. If a man is only interested in sex, he’s not going to be around for long. As soon as he’s gotten what he’s after (sexual gratification in this case), he’s going to move on.

I know it may sound harsh, but sometimes truth needs to be harsh to help lead us to better understanding. And you know as well as I do, that he’s not going to linger and want to be with you if he believes the possibility of sex isn’t in the cards.

So now, take a bit of time to look at the man who does want to hang out with you. Many times there will be some subtle signs of an emotional attraction, but often it’s shown by just wanting to be with you. He may ask you to go see a movie, or even go to an event you’d never think of – like going to a get together with his friends.

A man like this will often not even ask for sex. He simply enjoys your company and wants to spend time with you.

2. He Wants To Talk With You On The Phone (Or Text With You) For Hours

One thing you’ll learn about most men, if you don’t already, is that they despise talking on the phone. Most are men of few words. They believe that their actions speak louder than their words. There are always exceptions, and this can be the case here as well. I’ve know a few men that were so chatty, you couldn’t get in a word edgewise.

In general, men aren’t going to strike up a conversation with anyone that goes on for hours, if they don’t enjoy their company.

With this in mind, if a man is willing to spend time on the phone, or actively converse with you by text, Facebook, or IM, then yeah, you’d better believe that he’s into you.

When a man calls one of his buddies, or a sexual partner, he’s not going to spend hours with them just chatting.

In most cases, you can be assured that there is some emotional attraction there – even if he doesn’t realize it yet.

3. He’s Always Putting You First

Alright, get get this out there. If you’re seeing a man and he’s only interested in sex, he’s going to be thinking only of himself almost 100% of the time. It’s a given, after all, he’s only there for one thing.

Everything that he does will be a move with that end in mind. In cases like this, he won’t let you chose where to eat, what movie to go see, or offer any meaningful input on things you’d like to do.

This is why a sure sign of emotional attraction in a man if being attentive to your needs, wants, and desires. Why? Well, it forces him into a situation where he MUST think about someone other than himself. And hey, it’s you!

Here are a few ways you can tell whether he’s putting you first or not.

  • He lets you chose the date night experience
  • He always lets you chose the restaurant
  • He always comes over to pick you up at home instead of just meeting you there
  • He puts your feelings first, not his

4. He Introduces You To Family And Friends

Okay, you may not know it, but this is a BIGGIE!

If you’ve been dating a few months and you realize that you haven’t met his family and friends, this is a sure sign of how he really feels about you.

A man that’s emotionally attracted to you wants to tell EVERYONE just how great you really are. Even more, everyone that he sees on a daily basis is probably sick to death of hearing about it because he just can’t shut up about you.

Once you’ve gotten to this point, congratulations, this is pure emotional attraction.

Remember, if he doesn’t give you a second thought once you’re out of sight, he won’t be able to connect with you on an emotional level.

A man that’s attracted to you emotionally will be knocking down your door to see you every chance he gets. He’ll be interested in the things in your life – your work, your hobbies, what makes you tick.

Once you’ve found this man, congratulations – you’ve got one of the good ones.

8 Emotional Trigger Phrases For Attraction And How You Should Use Them

It might sound weird, but it isn’t only women who wish to be reassured with emotional phrases that can trigger an attraction. Men can be equally unsure and insecure as their female counterparts. However, they generally tend to act emotionally strong and all manly when it comes to love matters. While this attribute may appear nice to some extent (since no one wants an emotionally weak man), it takes an emotional man to be caring, loving, romantic and most importantly to be able to show appreciation for the love extended by his partner. Most men need inspiration, motivation and obsession phrases.

Research indicates that there are several obsession phrases that every single man at really wants to hear. These sets of words are not just simple phrases, but they are lovely expressions blended with a strong emotion that most men simply cannot resist. Men consider women who are able to express themselves verbally not only attractive but also quite sexy. This research further explains that words are proven to be the key to unlocking the love of a man’s heart. Here are the eight phrases that will effectively trigger an attractive response in a man.


I Want You

If you would like to help your man clear his doubts about your relationship, then you should consider telling him that you want him. At times men feel like they are pestering on women when it comes to relationship matters such as sex. This implies that they can sometimes feel very uncomfortable to touch you without invitation or bring sex subjects up. Telling your man that you want him is an ideal method you can let him know that you need him to a similar degree and hence, put his mind at ease.

Have You Been Working Out?

Most men would like to know that their woman looks at them as attractive. As a result, they often can be settled if they appear more body mindful than their woman. Even though, you cannot commend a man in a similar way that you might commend a woman, which is why “have you been working out?” is certainly an ideal love phrase to utilize, even if you are sure that your man has not been to the gym for several years. The phrase implies that you have positively looked at him and you are pretty fascinated with his appearance.

Have You Grown?

This phrase does not necessarily reflect the size of your man’s body, so you should use it rightly. It is actually one of the very best known love phrases. A major aspect that this phrase implies is that it does not really matter with the size of your man’s tackle. Men will often be worried that the woman has categorized them as bigger or that they have looked at him as not satisfying. During intercourse, asking your man if his sexual ability has somewhat grown is a perfect love phrase that’ll perk up not only his self-esteem but also his performance as well. This love phrase rather works perfectly for men who are generally self-mindful of how well their woman feels.

I Love It When You Do That

When it comes to a woman’s body, men can at times be a little clumsy and unsure. Telling your man you love what he’s doing will enables him to boost his confidence while in the bedroom. In addition, it will encourage to him try it once more. Most of the time women can be somewhat closed off when it comes to sex matters. This condition makes it difficult for the man to get it right. As a result, use of several love phrases during intercourse would absolutely bring your man’s performance back on track.

You Make Me Feel Safe

Every man has their own fears and their own self-protection mechanisms that are often activated whenever there is danger. If you’re a strong woman who is independent of your man then sometimes you might forget all about his urge and need to protect and generally look after you. This state can often make him feel like he is in some way not doing enough. This can greatly knock out his confidence. Telling him that he makes you feel protected is an ideal way of informing him that he is doing well. This emotional trigger phrases for attraction is defiantly the one your man would like to hear.

I’m Your Woman

In the past it was not always easy to get in touch with other people. But now the internet has made communication to be easier. In any case, you can now receive message from numerous unknown individuals trying to hook up with you. Thus, if your man is the jealous type ensure that you reassure him. Tell him no one can take you from him. This can greatly change the way he feels when he is around you.

I love You

This is the most common and simply the ultimate love phrase of all. Any man wishes to hear it from his woman, so you should tell him that you love him. This simple love phrase can of course show a man how much he means to you although the phrase must be backed with actions. Men are known to rarely take part in deep emotional talks, but this phrase could cause a considerable difference to your relationship.

I Am Proud Of You

Whether he is just an all-around amazing simple guy, works hard at his job, or he is an amazing dad, tell him that he makes you feel proud of you are. Most men do not often get the credit they deserve, so telling him this phrase will change the way he sees you. If he gets any promotion at work or makes any advancement make sure that congratulate him. This will hence help him feel secure, desirable and supported. As a result he will feel confidence of himself and will greatly improve his performance in terms of relationship matters. It will also be an indication that you are on his side and that your care about his success & well-being.